Sew Purrfect by Cheryl

  As a senior citizen, I reflect my profession as a great part of my life.  My Mother taught me how to sew as a ten-year-old.  I was quite the tomboy and did not appreciate this knowledge until I entered the 7th grade.  My home room teacher became my Home Economics teacher, and she had a lot to offer the students that were interested.  I was one of the few and gained vast knowledge and know-how from her.  In High school I also had a great Home Economics teacher that really sent my mind and fingers reeling.  In college I majored in Home Economics with the hope of teaching. I substituted as a teacher for a period, but there were not many full-time teaching jobs in my field available.

As a busy stay at home Mom of two children, I learned to make birthday and Christmas gifts to help the budget.  I would make matching outfits for the kids on special occasions.  Halloween was a big time for costumes and fun for all. As the children left home, I rediscovered an interest in sewing.  I created a lovely sewing room and started doing little craft shows.  I enjoyed sewing as much as meeting the other vendors and customers at each craft show.  In due time, I realized this was meant to be and with the help of my family at set up and tear down, I have created an enjoyable and profitable business.

Over the last thirty years I have been doing a variety of craft shows and have developed a great following with many customers. I have been called the Apron Lady for years but in the over the last few years table runners have been as popular as aprons.

I hope you enjoy my site and please reach out with any questions on my products.